groseclose family reunion

2009 Groseclose Family Reunion


In 1750 an unmarried twenty year old named Peter Groseclose stepped onto a small boat and travelled down the Rhine River to begin an uncertain journey to a foreign land.  His successful life in America helped shape our nation and began the legacy of which we are so proud.


Before the United States was formed our ancestors fought against the elements and hostile forces to tame a wilderness and build a nation. Come gather with your cousins from all across the country in the beautiful land that our forefathers chose to settle. Walk the land that they pioneered and relive their struggles and triumphs as they built their new lives in America.


The 2009 Groseclose Family will be held in Pipestem, West Virginia on June 12 and 13, and continue in Ceres, Virginia on June 14, 2009.  Tentative plans for the day in Ceres include a church service, visits to local cemeteries, a catered lunch in Peery Center gymnasium, a visit to the Henry C. Groseclose FFA Museum, visits with local family members, and possibly a tour of a Groseclose home. 


For more information or to be placed on the mailing list, contact

George P. Groseclose

3101 Waterton Drive

Midlothian, VA 23113



Dear all,

Just a note to inform you that my presentation for 2009 Groseclose family reunion on the c.1900 migration of three Groseclose families from Virginia to Idaho is now available for download from, along with the edited version of my notes for the several PPT slides and the handouts I prepared for the 2009 reunion.

In addition to Mae Heslep and Lura Butler, my special thanks go to the Idaho cousins who provided photos of the J. J. Groseclose and J. C. Groseclose families on very short notice.

All the remaining errors of omission and commission in the presentation and notes are solely mine..


Dean A. DeRosa

Our Picnic
A Poem
for Bessie Mae Groseclose
August 11, 1900

Where is now the merry party I remember long ago?
Laughing round the Alum spring
Where I often long to go?
And that summer balmy evening
In the wagon on the hay.
They have all dispersed and wandered
Far away, far away.
They have all dispersed and wandered
Far away, far away.
Some have gone to lands far distant
And with strangers make their home.
Some are out upon the waters.
Some away from us have roamed.
Some have gone into the West land.
Longer here they may not stay.
They have reached a fairer region
Far away, far away.
They have reached a fairer region
Far away, far away.
There are still some few remaining
Who remind us of the past.
But they'll soon go with the others.
Things forever cannot last.
Years roll on and pass forever.
What is coming who can say?
Ere this closes many may be
Far away, far away.
Ere this closes many may be
Far away, far away.

99 North Chester Ave.
Pasadena, California
August 14, 1950

To whom it may concern:
This the 14th day of August. 50 years ago today, which was August 14, 1900, I left Virginia the home place of my birth, and early that morning bade farewell to the old homestead near Ceres, Bland County, Virginia, and went to Rural Retreat, Virginia, where Brother Levi and I, with Cousin Bailey Cassell and Charlie Hayton boarded the train for the great Northwest at 2:00 p.m. We left Rural Retreat eastward and thence westward through West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois to Chicago, thence through Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Northern Idaho to Spokane, Washington. Thence south to Oakesdale, Washington, and a few weeks later south into Idaho to Kendrick and Southwick, thence later to Juliaetta, Idaho and adopted the Potlatch country as permanent residence. I taught school the first winter at Union School house on Fix Ridge, 6 miles northwest from Juliaetta. Salary was $40.00 per month. Board cost $8.00 per month at the home of Mr. & Mrs. A.B. Crawfords. March 19, 1901, I filed on a Homestead of 160 acres on the Potlatch River Canyon near Arrow Junction. How swiftly the years have passed by so we realize - "Time Marches On." Here we are at Pasadena, California, in my 13th year. Have made and helped to make 14 [...] of 35,000 personal calls. Have been in the ministry 42 years. Now retired to Minister of Visitation &

Supply Pastor occasionally.

Rev A.L. Groseclose